Party Pig University Video Instructions for the Home Brewer

Welcome to the Party Pig University!  We have step by step video instructions on how to use the Party Pig for Home Brewers.  Each lesson describes what to do to capture, retain and reuse the Pig to create your best brew. 

Lesson 1 - How to Fill Your Basic Party Pig Kit
Lesson 2 - How to Disassemble & Clean Your Party Pig
Lesson 3 - How to Use Your Hog Wild CO2 Activator

Ben Millstein
Kodiak Island Brewing
Kodiak, Alaska

“Party pigs have been an important package for us since opening in 2003. For a small brewery, with adequate capacity, that doesn't bottle or can, I think it's a perfect option to reach customers that don't like growlers. Growlers are really only good for people who drink it all at once (probably with a friend or spouse?) Pigs are fine for the 1 or 2 pint a day person who doesn't want to throw away flat beer. They're portable and fit in a cooler or a small fridge. We sell a significant amount of our beer in pigs.”