Pig Posting Testimonials

Kris Harmer
General Manager
Granite City Food & Brewery
Fort Wayne, Indiana


"Greg Herivel and his team at NuLine Manufacturing have been nothing short of a pleasure to work with. Ordering is timely, efficient and the Party Pig product is the best quality it has ever been. The return of the Party Pig to our business has been tremendous and is definitely a favorite among our consumers."

Ben Millstein
Kodiak Island Brewing
Kodiak, Alaska


“Party pigs have been an important package for us since opening in 2003. For a small brewery, with adequate capacity, that doesn't bottle or can, I think it's a perfect option to reach customers that don't like growlers. Growlers are really only good for people who drink it all at once (probably with a friend or spouse?) Pigs are fine for the 1 or 2 pint a day person who doesn't want to throw away flat beer. They're portable and fit in a cooler or a small fridge. We sell a significant amount of our beer in pigs.”

Zach Schafer
Brewer/General Mgr.
Rocky Coulee Brewing Co.
Odessa, WA


“When we opened our small town brewery in 2002 we ordered a dozen party pigs, hoping we would sell them by the end of the year. We sold out immediately and placed an order for 60 of them a week later and have never looked back. We have sold hundreds and refilled thousands of them and the customers just keep coming in to have their Party Pig filled over and over again. If you are filling growlers there is no reason why you shouldn't sell and fill Party Pigs. Why put your quality product in a simple jug where spoilage begins immediately when you can put it in these great containers knowing your product will still taste great several months later?”

Mark Burmeister
North Idaho Mountain Brew
Wallace, ID



“Here at North Idaho Mountain Brew we are approaching our 5 year anniversary on May 7th, and have been buying and selling Party Pigs from the beginning. We have sold hundreds of Party Pigs over the years, and plan to sell many more as people discover they are once again available. Party Pigs are a great way of taking home 18 pints of fresh micobrew beer.....that will stay fresh and carbonated as each pint is drank.”

Todd Schneeberger
Silver Creek Brewing Company
Cedarburg, WI


“Fans of our pub LOVE the party pigs – they can keep beer in their fridge fresh and available, far longer than growlers, and they fit perfectly. On our side – we love them because we can take many more beers to events and serve “tap” beer w/o hauling kegs, gas, serving equipment, or bottles (like everyone else). On any weekend we probably have 15 out with customers and another 5-10 covering whatever events we have going on. LOVE’EM!!”